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"a highly potent masterpiece" - "kudos to First Run Features for releasing another tour de force and to the filmmakers for incomparable artistic genius" Moving Picture Magazine

"The meditative pace, elegiac score, and surreal imagery combine to create an unparalleled cinematic experience that is nothing short of breathtaking" - "Altiplano melds Bergman and Fellini with Kubrick and Solanas, resulting in an unforgettable portrait of love and loss, faith and fate, made by two fiercely independent filmmakers.  This Week in New York ★★★★ (4/4)


"An absolute visual poem, the film exhausts the senses like an overwhelming work of art that perpetually renews itself. Words remain caught in your throat since they are so evidently incapable of describing the beauty of Altiplano." Critikat

“A masterpiece. Compulsory viewing!” ★★★★★ Cutting Edge (5/5)

“Blindingly beautiful, exhilarating, soul-lifting, incredibly moving. Altiplano transcends all genres, models and labels and cannot possibly be compared to any other film. Images, music, soundscapes, dialogues and performances melt together into a monumental oratorio. Altiplano offers a mighty, awesome and enriching experience. The best Belgian film of the year! A must-see!” ★★★★ Humo (4/4) 

A powerful, visually sublime film. A beacon of contemporary auteur cinema. Altiplano is the brother of 'Sacrifice' by Andrei Tarkovski. We can rejoice in the fact that we can count on artists, true artists, such as von Trier, Brosens, Woodworth, Lynch or Haneke to carry on active resistance. A universal piece of art.” ★★★ Le Soir (3/4) 

“A visually overwhelming experience. Cinema at its purest. Deserves a place in the film history books.” ★★★★★ Digg (5/5)

“Blindingly beautiful." ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad

“Exuberant filmic poetry from a reality richer than ours. Overwhelming.” ★★★★ De Filmkrant 

“A mysteriously beautiful film.” ★★★★ De Volkskrant

“A breathtaking cinema experience.” ★★★★ Algemeen Dagblad

Altiplano goes straight to the heart and its unique combination of visual grandeur and impressive music is reminiscent of Tarkovski and Terrence Malick.” ★★★★ Metro (4/4) 

“Be prepared for an extraordinarily rich spiritual and visual experience with a powerful humane message.” ★★★ KutSite (3/4) 

“A rock solid elegy of blinding beauty.” ★★★ Filmmagie (3/4) 

“A sweeping film, and always deeply significant.” ★★★★ Laterna Magica (4/4)

“A phenomenal film with outrageous music.” ★★★★ CJP (4/5) 

Altiplano fascinates, moves and impresses with its entrancing and highly refined direction.” ★★★★★ Talkies (5/5) 

“High-quality cinema without compromise. The mise-en-scène is sublime, the cinematography masterful.” ★★★★ movie2movie (4/5)  

“A profound and impressive film that moves one by the power of its story.” ★★★★ Laterna Magica (4/4) 

“A plea for a more humane, spiritual and introspective cinema.” ★★★ De Morgen (3/4) 

“Biblical images reminiscent of Rembrandt.” ★★★ De Standaard (3/4) 

“A magic-realist mega-trip.” ★★★ Knack (3/4)

“A uniquely rewarding cinematic experience.” ★★★ The Bulletin (3/4) 

Altiplano is of such amplitude and such richness that it could have lasted a half hour longer to hypnotize us further and allow every single image the time to sink in.” Cinergie

“Ambitious and visually-striking.” Screen

“A profound cinematic and cultural experience.” Rotten Tomatoes

“Breathtaking, expansive and emotional.” Camera Obscura

“A fascinating and resolutely unusual work." Cineuropa

“A powerful, imaginative and moving allegory. A beautifully-shot, haunting and multi-layered film.” SBS Australia 

“Visually superb, Altiplano offers a re-enchanted view of the world.” Amnesty International

“A breathtaking, multi-layered and ecological parable embedded in pure cinematographic beauty.” De Bond 

“Altiplano is a visual gem, which will blow you away.” Nieuws.be

"Lavishly beautiful." The Sydney Morning Herald

“Undeniably stunning.” Picturehouseblog

“Pure unadulterated visual pleasure. The film works on political, emotional and mythic levels - an accomplishment.” The Brag Wordpress

“Hypnotically beautiful.” La Libre Belgique

“The shocking power of the image.” Visie

“A mysterious, powerful storm of images.” Brussels This Week 

“Every single scene is of hypnotic beauty.” En Marche 

“And, alas, since the favourite film for all us editors at Critikat was not recognized this year, we award Altiplano the Prize for the film unjustly forgotten by the Semaine de la Critique 2009.” Critikat


* * *


Altiplano flies very high! Cinema is losing a bit of its soul with every year that passes as it flirts increasingly with 'nice' entertainment, formatted comedies, thrillers to measure and blockbusters. And yet all is not lost: we can rejoice in the fact that we can count on artists, true artists, such as von Trier, Brosens, Woodworth, Lynch or Haneke to carry on active resistance. Altiplano is the brother of 'Sacrifice' by Andrei Tarkovski. In the face of catastrophe, both films tell us that today one must dare the insane: sacrifice and a return to a spiritual search, our only path to forgiveness and redemption. Altiplano is a powerful, visually sublime film wrapped in the singular style that was already formed by the directors in 'Khadak'. Just as with the European authors of the last 30 years (the Angelopoulos, Wenders, Antonionis, Kieslowskis...) Altiplano cultivates moral and aesthetic demands with a faith and a uniqueness to such a degree that it carries a universal and relatively secretive dimension. An amazing paradox: the film is travelling the four corners of the world and cannot find a distributor in France. Today one must fight, without any compromise, to allow this cinema of difference to exist and not to be mocked and called pretentious (as in the case of Lars Von Trier's Antichrist) as soon as it embarks on a search for truth and radicalness.” ★★★ Le Soir (3/4) 

"Visually superb, engaged and bewitching... Altiplano does more than confirm the singular talent of the Belgian-American duo. It is a beacon of contemporary auteur cinema, situating them within the heritage of Antonioni, Wenders and other giants like Tarkovski. The tour-de-force of Woodworth and Brosens is to transcend the political theme to make of Altiplano a universal work of art inhabited by a stunning sense of ritual, the desire to celebrate the gentle forces of the earth and a profoundly spiritual music." ★★★ Le Soir (3/4) 

"An ambitious and visually-striking second feature. Altiplano is a production with an impeccable sense of documentary reality allied to a more meditative style of filmmaking. Cinematographer Francisco Gozon captures breathtaking images of piercing blue waters, snow-covered mountains and some religious rituals that are part of daily life in an area where spiritual values and community have a stronger grasp than the material urges of western cultures." Screen International

"Marked by a slow and melancholic rhythm, Brosens and Woodworth's wide, overwhelming shots magnify the primordial landscapes of Peru, images so finely crafted that they evoke the paintings of Vermeer. An absolute visual poem, the film exhausts the senses like an overwhelming work of art that perpetually renews itself, and as the music of Henry Gorecki accompanies the magnificent final scene, words remain caught in your throat since they are so evidently incapable of describing the beauty of Altiplano." Critikat.com

“A masterpiece. The perfect balance between an impressive photography, a haunting subject and profound characters… A superb, pure piece of poetry, which will give you goose bumps.  With their disturbingly beautiful Altiplano Brosens and Woodworth prove that Belgian cinema can be more than raw, shakily filmed, minimalist cinema. Compulsory viewing!” ★★★★★ Cutting Edge (5/5)

“With their second feature film the directors once again move the borders of cinematic poetry. Altiplano is a rock-solid elegy, which probes for the complex but unstoppable spiral of destruction in the Andes initiated by  unscrupulous greed. No image or action is without meaning in this merciless drama of blinding beauty.” ★★★ Filmmagie (3/4)

"This lyrical and bold Belgian-German-Dutch co-production confirms the originality of the directors who won the Lion of the Future Award at Venice 2006... Altiplano is both a criticism of the economic and ecological crimes that occurred in Peru in 2000 and a quasi-ethnological investigation into the mystical rituals of the local population. The film also explores the subject of the power of the image. This host of issues and highly personal approach make this a fascinating and resolutely unusual work." Cineuropa

"A haunting, lyrical story of a poisoned civilization. Set mostly in the spectacular Andes region of Peru, writers-directors Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth's Altiplano is a powerful, imaginative and moving allegory about the pollution - literally - of an ancient civilization by toxic Western interlopers. It is a beautifully-shot, haunting and multi-layered film. The acting is superb - particularly the performances of Solier (who starred in the 2009 Golden Bear Winner in Berlin - The Milk of Sorrow) and Tabatabai as women from very different worlds who are united in grief. Stunning photography by Francisco Gozon takes full advantage of the majestic locations of mountains, plains, snowfields and river. The music by Michel Schopping, an eclectic mix of choral/orchestral, electronic and local influences, is a stand-out." SBS Australia

"From the very first images (admirable) this is the dazzle of an excellent 'documentary fiction'... The superb images of this film remind one of Che Viva Mexico of Eisenstein, as well as the photos of Sebastiao Salgado and Eugene Smith." Radio France

"The eminently tragic story is expressed with beauty and lyricism by the directors... The film imposes a style, a beauty, a dignity on one of the greatest problems of our times: the powerful destruction of a civilization through exploitation." Cannes Ecumenical Jury

"Altiplano is a genuine festival curiosity - undeniably stunning to look at - and prompts an interesting debate about the clash between tradition and modernity." Picturehouseblog

"Altiplano is a sweeping film, not only narratively since the story is ultimately simple and lucid, but because the story stretches across three continents, because the film is dense and that the mise-en-scène is always deeply significant. The symbolism is omnipresent in each frame and every image makes sense. Altiplano is a serious, deep and impressive film - a cinema that immediately fascinates, at least aesthetically, but also that moves you with the power of its story." ★★★★ Laterna Magica (4/4)

"Altiplano is pure unadulterated visual pleasure. Words cannot really do justice to the explosion of colours, the elegant camerawork, the striking, surreal tableaux. The film works on political, emotional and mythic levels - an accomplishment." The Brag Wordpress

"Altiplano is a magical film. From the opening image it displays a striking splendour that only intensifies as the film unfolds. Altiplano's narrative is really only half the story in what is a profound cinematic and cultural experience. Brosens and Woodworth's remarkable gift is an ability to infuse the real with the spiritual, and to portray their story through beautiful, cinematic tableaux. Altiplano is a magnificent warning that we, the audience, should inform ourselves. From Francisco Gozon's glorious cinematography to Michel Schöpping's provocative score and haunting, operatic soundtrack, Brosens and Woodworth succeed in communicating that grief and acceptance - both secular and spiritual - are not unique to the thin air of the high planes, but rather unite people around the world." Rotten Tomatoes

“Vast and lyrical, built around a rich and profound reflection on nature and the role of imagery, Altiplano weaves together the four corners of the world. Altiplano is of such amplitude and such richness that it could have lasted a half hour longer to hypnotize us further and allow every single image the time to sink in.” Cinergie

“Breathtaking, expansive and emotional. Altiplano really portrays the region as it is. Both enlightening and disturbing (…) you become part of a different culture for it’s duration and that is what a good film should do. Highly recommended!” Camera Obscura

"This deeply affecting film is both a meditation on the power of the image and a song of protest against the ravages of war and colonisation. Brosens and Woodworth's sublime stylisation is underscored by a driving fascination with reality and their visual storytelling alternately soars with the dreamlike logic of magic realism and plunges with the devastating literalness of photo journalism." Clare Stewart, Sydney IFF

* * *


“We are totally moved and ecstatic about your work. It will be a pleasure to defend the film – to explain what it means to people like myself who feel a tremendous commitment to the fight against injustice that you describe so well in Altiplano. It has transported us to a realm of such strong emotion. Having seen this film has confirmed to me that one can be born again and thrive; to move beyond loss in order to grow and to live.” Mauricio (Peru)

“We simply loved it for its content and its form. It expresses how in different countries and languages the objective of people remains the same: searching for the meaning of life.” Vanessa (Spain)

“After seeing Khadak, the first film of the creative duo behind Altiplano, I was totally blown away. Soon after I got to see Altiplano and the feeling left after watching Khadak was even topped by the latter one. As much as with its story as with its powerful images, Altiplano grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the very end. Some visual moments reminded me of a more comprehensible version of Tarkovsky.” Goranaa (Serbia) on IMDB (10/10)

“Received a nice ovation at the Sydney Film Festival! Everything from the photography, location, acting and story are all first rate. Heartbreaking and very moving, the resilience of the local people is inspiring whilst the greed of the mining companies will make you want to scream. I highly recommend people seeing this film on the big screen as the mountain backdrops are stunning and show how much these people are tied to the land.” Sharkies69 (Australia) on IMDB (9/10)

"Beauty. Poetry. Mourning. Three images anchored in the spirit of the viewer through which are transmitted the emotions of a cinematographic masterpiece." Elise (France)

"This film is a work of art, a hymn to the image, and as for what it contains, it is deeply researched, everything having been meticulously constructed. There is a public for this kind of cinema!" Marie (France)

“A total discovery!” Manuella (France)

“With unbelievably strong imagery Altiplano tells a layered, poignant and gripping story. Best film of the year!” Marie (Belgium) on Cinebel (10/10)

“Perfection in Peru. Brosens and Woowdorth are the perfect team to deliver something that can only be described as an absolute feast for the eye combined with divine music. Without any doubt the pride of Belgian cinema of recent years.” Cem (Belgium) on Cinebel (9/10)

“A multi-layered visual experience that strikes the deepest cord of your heart. The heavenly music and sublime images beg for a big screen. Stunning cinema in which images express so much more than the word. An absolute must-see. THE film experience of the year.” Filmliefhebber (Belgium) on Cinebel (10/10)

“A deeply moving film loaded with emotion, from icy sorrow to fiery protest that has moved the deepest core of my existence. The images radiate as pure poetry filled with a silent power.” Niels (Belgium) on Cinebel (10/10)

“It is deplorable that most people, living in a culture where images are omnipresent, have forgotten how to look at images and how to appreciate them. Cinema is so much more than just a story. Altiplano is such a powerful poetic film that must seen on the big screen.” Kristof (Belgium) on Cinebel (10/10)

“The most beautiful, purest film I’ve seen this year. An absolute must-see!! This film begs to be seen on the big screen.” Stijn (Belgium on Zone 03 (5/5)

“Heartbreakingly beautiful! A magnificent masterpiece. Don’t miss it.” Yab.be

“A stunning theatrical work of art and a heartbreaking depiction of loss.” Guido.be (Belgium)

“Altiplano has revealed itself as a true pearl of poetry of exceptional high level.” Tom (Belgium)

“Thank you for so much beauty, sensitivity, history, wisdom and revolt!” Kaat (Belgium)

“A unique experience. The story and the images continued to haunt me long after the credits. I didn’t go to the film, the film came to me.” Filip (Belgium)


“I don't hesitate to call it a masterpiece. It has already secured its place among the cult classics, indispensable for those who want to understand Peru, its myths, its grandeur and the universal message it can bring to us.” René (Belgium)


“A sublime film on all levels. Lyrical, mythic and symbolic… An opera of images but also of tableaux, magnificent acting. Superb imagery and remarkable music. You cannot emerge unaffected because it is all there to raise one’s conscience about the passage of time, the relationship with mother earth, the great myths that found a civilization…In one word as in one hundred, this has reconciled me with cinema and we cannot thank you enough. Every image is a source of meditation, analysis and contemplation of beauty. If only more filmmakers were artists like Brosens and Woodworth, cinema, I believe, would be better off, but also the viewers, instead of placing their neurons at the disposal of merchandised cinema would find themselves better of. It is absolutely critical that this work of art lives and meets a proper distribution so that the maximum number of viewers can benefit.” Thérèse (Belgium)

“Altiplano is extraordinary. I was left feeling overwhelmed for days firstly by the power of its subject, then by its innovative style and flawless aesthetic that reinforces the subject in such a striking manner.” Pierre (Belgium)

“Altiplano is a feast for the eye. Every frame of your film makes an exceptionally beautiful photograph. This, combined with the absolutely divine music, left me -and without a doubt also the rest of the audience- in some kind of wonderful trance. Being able to deliver a piece of art like Altiplano can only mean one thing; you must both be gifted with an extraordinary talent. Congratulations, it was an absolute privilege to experience Altiplano.” Charlotte (Belgium)



Sacrifice and Forgiveness

by Matthieu Darras

(Semaine de la Critique, Cannes)

“Framing a statue of the Virgin Mary, two choir boys stare at us then pull on masks of the sun and moon. The camera turns and we discover, little by little, a small assembly gathered in an Andean church. To the notes of a sextet of folklore musicians, the procession begins to move. In showing a ceremony celebrating jointly the astral divinities and the mother of Jesus, the prologue places Altiplano impreceptibly under the sign of syncretism.

Summoning multiple references, marked by a sturdy belief in the power of cinema to suggest the complexity of things, Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth invent their own cultural mix. Defined by what is currently at stake in contemporary society, the film is simultaneously fragmented and eminently coherent, mystical and global. Marked by a certain rejection of materialism and individualism, their vision is accompanied by an underlying unrestrained ambition as they seek the means for a re-enchantment of the world.

Carried by excellent actors, an incredible intensity of emotion, exuberant and elegiac, tragic and lyrical, Altiplano answers to no canon in force today. Its disconcerting dramatic structure is even punctuated by a rift right in the middle. Cinematographically speaking it is not difficult to trace filiations with, notably, Tarkovsky. The fluid direction and minimal editing result in tableaux of breathtaking beauty, establishing a rhythm, recalling the Russian master, that is conducive to an exploration of the soul. Above all, Brosens and Woodworth share the idea that the misfortunes of humanity stem from a decay of the spiritual and that redemption comes from self-sacrifice and the fulfillment of irrational acts.

A fiction that explodes across several continents (Peru, Iraq and Belgium), Altiplano isn’t content simply with juxtaposed destinies. If Grace, Max or Saturnina have lives that are interlinked, it is not due to the effects of our global village, but rather because they each are compelled to face ethical choices. In particular, the journeys of the two women, followed in parallel, make sense solely in relation to one another. Just as the Christian martyr whose name she carries, Saturnina wants her sacrifice not to pass unnoticed. It is precisely the revelation of this act of resistance that will allow Grace to overcome her alienation and thus forgive, in other words to reach a state of grace.”


* * *


She could have been just another Peruvian girl, living in the Andes, taking care of her crops and singing in local contests. But someone saw something in her. This someone was Claudia Llosa, the filmmaker who found Magaly Solier in one of the poorest areas of Peru and asked her to attend a casting for a movie.

That was the beginning of a unique career, peculiar because nowadays Solier is one of the best actresses in Peru, even though she never took acting lessons before her first leading role in Llosa’s Madeinusa. Now, with four movies and an album, she is not only a celebrity in her country but also a muse for foreign directors. Audiences around the world admire her authenticity; not only in front of the camera but also in every interview she gives.

Nisimazine was no exception. In a warm and friendly talk, Magaly told us what has changed in her life in these last years. “Now I am more confident, I talk more. Before I was not able to talk like this with the journalists, now I can’t stop!”, she says, laughing.

“I haven’t changed much, but my lifestyle has. I miss the home food, I miss everything I had in my garden back home”, she says, but also adds that now she enjoys new things that she did not have in her life in the Andes. “I have bought a computer; I created my songs with it. I’m updating with the technology and thanks to it I have accomplished my dream of releasing an album. I wanted to do it since I was eight years old”. Actually, Warmi, her first musical work, has kept her focused on recording and concerts for the last few months, and that’s why she hasn’t been in another film since Altiplano (selected for this year’s Semaine de la Critique), directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth.

Her previous work includes Claudia Llosa’s Madeinusa and The Milk of Sorrow, as well as Dioses by Josué Méndez. The roles Magaly has accepted have been closely related to her life experiences: she has seen cases of child abuse (as portrayed in Madeinusa) and post-traumatic distress in victims of terrorism (as in The Milk of Sorrow), and feels compelled to denounce these dramatic realities. In fact, the environment she comes from (the southern Andes of Peru) has suffered over past years with problems of violence and extreme poverty, and she has gone through these situations without losing her faith in the possibility of change.

Now, in Altiplano, she is Saturnina, a young Peruvian woman who confronts multiple tragedies in a town suffering the consequences of irresponsible mining. “She is a very different character; she is not like Fausta, from La teta asustada. Saturnina is very active, she protests, she stands up against the injustice and defends what she loves”, she points out. About working with Brosens and Woodworth, she says that “they were very different to the style of direction I was used to. They gave me a lot of freedom to perform”.

Magaly accepted to work in Altiplano because of the denunciatory content of the script. “The vision of these directors is really interesting, I’m glad that they are interested in the topic of mining. They dared to denounce, they were not afraid of saying what really happens in my country”. Altiplano has the potential to be controversial in Peru, but Magaly is not worried about it. “Some Peruvian people have a complex, they don’t want to talk about their bad issues, and they criticize these kinds of movies without having seen them. That happened when The Milk of Sorrow won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale, but it makes me laugh”.

In fact, Magaly cares more about the importance of calling attention to the problems of Andean people than about the critical reception. “I would like to keep working in movies with this kind of message, which denounces things nobody talks about”, she states, confirming that this actress is not just a powerful presence onscreen but also a conscious and committed young woman who is only just starting to show her inner magic to the world.

Natalia Ames






"Una ambiciosa y visualmente impactante segunda película… Altiplano es una producción con impecable sentido de realidad documental aliada a un meditativo estilo de hacer cine." (SCREEN INTERNATIONAL)

"Esta lírica y atrevida coproducción belga-alemana-holandesa confirma la originalidad de los directores que ganaron el premio Leon del Futuro en Venecia 2006… Altiplano es tanto una crítica a los crímenes económicos y ecológicos que ocurrieron en Perú en el 2000 como una casi etológica investigación de los rituales místicos de la población local. Un trabajo fascinante y inusual." (CINEUROPA)

"Un poema visual absoluto, este film agobia los sentidos como una obra de arte aplastante que se renueva perpetuamente, y como en la música de Henry Gorecki que acompaña la magnifica escena final, las palabras quedan atrapadas en la garganta debido a que son evidentemente incapaces de describir la belleza de Altiplano." (CRITIKAT.COM)

"Una poderosa, creativa y emotiva alegoría sobre la contaminación – literalmente – de una remota civilización de parte de tóxicos entrometidos occidentales. Es una película hermosamente filmada, inquietante y con gran riqueza de contenido. Las actuaciones son magnificas, particularmente la de Magaly Solier (protagonista de la película ganadora del Oso de Oro en Berlin 2009 – La Teta Asustada) y la de Jasmin Tabatabai como mujeres de mundos muy diferentes que son unidas por la desesperanza." (SBS AUSTRALIA)

"La prominentemente trágica historia es expresada con belleza y lírica por los directores. El film le impone estilo, belleza y dignidad a uno de los más grandes problemas de nuestro tiempo: la poderosa destrucción de la civilización a través de la explotación." (JURADO ECUMÉNICO DE CANNES)

"4 estrellas. Altiplano es una seria, profunda en impresionante película – un cine que inmediatamente fascina, al inicio estéticamente, pero que también te conmueve por el poder de su historia." (LATERNA MAGICA)

"Llevada por la excelencia de sus actores, una increíble intensidad de emociones, exuberante y poética, trágica y lírica. Altiplano no responde a ningún canon en uso en estos tiempos. La fluida dirección y minimalista edición resulta en un registro de belleza que hace perder el aliento, estableciendo un ritmo que recuerda al gran maestro ruso Tarkovsky, que conduce a la exploración del alma. Sobre todo, Brosens y Woodworth comparten la idea que las penurias de la humanidad provienen del decaimiento de lo espiritual y que la redención proviene del sacrificio personal y de la realización de actos irracionales." (SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE CANNES)

"Altiplano es placer visual puro y sin adulterar. La película trabaja en niveles politicos, emotivos y miticos – un logro." (THE BRAG WORDPRESS)

"Espléndidamente hermosa." (THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD)

"Altiplano es una película mágica. Desde la primera imagen muestra un imponente esplendor que solo se intensifica mientras el film se desarrolla. La narrativa de Altiplano es en realidad la mitad de la historia en lo que es una profunda experiencia cinematográfica y cultural. El excepcional don de Brosens y Woodworth es la habilidad de fundir lo real con lo espiritual, y de retratar su historia con un registro hermoso y cinematográfico. Altiplano es una magnifica advertencia de que nosotros, la audiencia, deberíamos estar mejor informados." (ROTTEN TOMATOES)

"Esta película profundamente sobrecogedora es tanto una meditación sobre el poder de la imagen como una canción de protesta contra los estragos de la guerra y de la colonización. El sublime estilo de Brosens y Woodworth está subrayado por su fascinación por la realidad y su narrativa visual que se eleva con la fantástica lógica del realismo mágico y que se suma en la devastadora literalidad de la fotografía periodística." (CLARE STEWART, DIRECTOR SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL)

Venice Lion winners Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth’s lyrical tragedy about sacrifice and redemption in the Andes