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Jasmin Tabatabai (Grace)

Jasmin (Iran, 1967) is a high-profile actress and musician based in Berlin. She has appeared in over 40 feature films over the last 15 years. She has received critical acclaim for many of her performances on stage and on film, most notably for the role of Fariba in the German film UNVEILED (FREMDE HAUT, 2005). She is also a celebrated voice-over artist. 

Magaly Solier (Saturnina)

Magaly (Peru, 1986) is the lead of Claudia Llosa's LA TETA ASUSTADA (THE MILK OF SORROW), which won the Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlinale. Llosa discovered this incredibly talented young woman in a small Andean town in 2004 and cast her as the lead in her excellent debut feature MADEINUSA (2006). Magaly, also an aspiring singer, released her first album, WARMI, in early 2009. 

Olivier Gourmet [Max]

Olivier (Belgium, 1963) is one of the most acclaimed and versatile Belgian actors. His first great success was in LA PROMESSE directed by the Dardenne brothers, which was followed by ROSETTA and LE FILS for which he won Best Actor in Cannes in 2002. Olivier had captivated Brosens & Woodworth with his performance in LA PETITE CHARTREUSE and from that moment on had come to embody the complex, humanist character of Max.



Behi Djanati Atai (Sami)

Edgar Alcides Condori (Nilo)

Sonia Loaiza Roja (Luz)

Edgar Quispe (Ignacio)

Hermelinda Lujan (Rufina)

Norma Martinez (Mercedes)

Rodolfo Rodriguez (Raúl)

Arturo Anacarino Zarate (Orlando)

Andreas Pietschmann (Paul)

Malku Choquehuillca (Malku)

Marco Antonio Quevedo (Soldier)

Kian Khalili (Reza) 





Venice Lion winners Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth’s lyrical tragedy about sacrifice and redemption in the Andes